Meeting The Ever Changing And Rising Demands Of Energy Consumers And Salespeople Of The 21st Century

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Today, because of our bankable national and local partnerships, solar sales professionals are able to obtain unparalled power, freedom, and control by decentralizing from the old one-way grid type selling system into a modern self-governing smart grid sales platform

Because of this, as never before, communities are more efficiently able to go solar with streamlined processes and adopt smart grid technologies so they can take control of their electric bills and protect fire prone communities

Meanwhile entry-level solar sales staff in the centralized sales grid incur daily peak demand charges because they depend on remote governance and power

Additional and often less efficient sales processes often get deployed to meet the higher selling demands inside the centralized sales grid type system

Our sales professionals are able to effectively implement more resilient energy solutions that  modernize the old one-way centralized electric grid to a two-way smart grid

The Grid Hero team is able to meet the demands of local communities and energy consumers because we commision salespeople autonomously

Our sales force is powerful, whole, and complete. It doesn't rely on costly remote operations for energy. Our people are independent all-stars selling off of a transparent EPC baseline

 We've developed an unmatched sales platform with a simplistic proposal tool, carefully curated solar providers, products, and unprecedented tier-one operations with profound experience in turning signed agreements into raving fans with glass on the roof


•Vetted Sales Professionals

•Streamlined Sales Platform

•Transparent Savings

•Tier-One Operations

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