Save money, save the planet, and prepare yourself for your own perceived apocolypse.

battery storage blaylock nano grid island mode

Solar + storage is the best way to maintain some or all of the convenience of modern life when the grid goes down. By combining solar, batteries, smart controls, software, and inverters, your home becomes an app gamified nano grid so you can produce, store, and use onsite clean energy when you need it most. 

We take pride in providing you the most modern and cutting-edge technology. 

tesla powerwall
Moore Install 1
Sunpower Sunvault Storage and Van
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McMullen Install 1
Nguyen Inverter & Placards
goal zero yeti 3000

Client Love!

"We looked into solar + storage before and were told we didn't qualify. These guys focused on what we wanted and needed."

~ James H, San Diego

"My salespeople were respectable and friendly--not pushy like some companies that come by."

~ Jessica W, La Mesa

"Very pleased with the installation crew, very professional and they respected my requests."

~ Lydia R, Oceanside

"We get flooded weekly with solar salespeople but they made everything easy and understandable" I would definitely recommend these people."

~ David B, San Marcos

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