Power Forward And Become A Smart Grid Pro

As the solar industry continues to pull the weight in advancing the limited one-way electric grid to a modern two-way smart grid, solar salespeople can follow suit and become smart grid sales pros.

Today, most solar salespeople sell inside of a linearly conceived system. This kind of sales infrastructure came about years ago for products and services that address simple needs and not the ever changing and rising demands for sales efficiency in the 21st century.

Not that traditional systems are in any way wrong or bad seeing foundational purpose drives need for improvement.

Less efficient operating procedures get deployed to meet the demands of unoptimized selling systems.

Smart grid pro's are empowered because they sell off of shared baseline, via a simplistic proposal tool, carefully curated solar providers, tier-one products, and unprecedented tier-one operations with profound experience in turning signed agreements into raving fans with glass on the roof.

Smart grid pros don't turn down jobs because they are empowered to distribute power to the solar the end-user and their interconnected sales system.

Smart grid pros don't rely on costly secondary power plants because they are the power plant.

Smart grid pros trade the traditional way for a mutually supportive experience. Smart grid pros approach to purpose, values, function in environment, systems thinking, process, and strategy formation is the basis for their growth. 

Centralized grid salespeople power forward and adopt binary sales cycle awareness to have the power to protect fire prone communities.

Are you a new or seasoned solar sales rep?

Attackle (v): To vigorously tackle something you know you should

Be a Smart Grid Grid Pro

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