We Create A Positive And Simple Experience For Customers.

1. Genuine Relationships -We find pleasure in developing authentic relationships 

2. Transparency -We provide the top solar options, products, & financing 

3. Knowledge -The gap between saving people time and money is access to correct information combined with the mental paradigm to receive it

4. Quality -We've done years of due diligence to find the best fulfillment partners

5. Modernization -We believe in collaborative connection through accurate information, systems, and technology 

6. Representation -We beat the competition with prudishly accurate pricing, options, and empathy

7. Availability- We save people valuable time and money by doing the legwork for them

8. Giving Power Away - We believe people are powerful and fancy transferring control into others hands 

9. Brave Bold Leading- We take responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and have the courage to develop people