Building a Christ Consciousness Energy Grid with Solar, Battery, & Integrity.

Who We Are

We're a lean, vertically integrated solar + battery equipment supplier, dealer, & installer.

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What We Do

We customize a system specifically for you and install modern low-profile designed solar + battery systems.

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What In It For You

We offer a best-in-class customer experience beginning with the initial consultation.

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Save thousands on your electric bills and blackout-proof your home with the battery backup system.

Meet a New Safer Cost for Power.

Solar + battery makes the electric grid safer by producing, storing, & load shifting onsite power back to the grid when lines are hot and demand is high.

Get Solar + Tesla Powerwall for No Cost.

Since you already pay an electric bill, this isn’t a new cost or expense to you. What you’re already paying the utility, gets replaced with a lower amount.

Solar has now proven to be the least expensive way to power your home.

It's the #1 new energy technology and job creator in America.

Protect Your Home

Bring positive safety to your family. Grid Heroes trade the old way for a new prepared way.

Instant Gains

Save enough to make it a no-brainer. Your home energy use, rate plan, and system size put this point in black and white.

Zero Out Of Pocket

Enroll in any of our programs without paying even a dime upfront out of pocket.

Stellar Support

Our passion for solar comes from our interest and love for people and earth. We focus on treating you how you want to be treated.

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